Fiorenzato grinders

Fiorenzato grinders

Coffee Machine Technologies supports innovation and provides a glimpse into the future with Fiorenzato grinders.

The new 2023 touchscreen IPS display allows for quick access to dose adjustments, daily consumption statistics, burr condition and more. The Pro Line of grinders offer a detachable grinding chamber, enabling a simple, intuitive, and quick method of maintenance and cleaning that does not result in the loss of grind setting.

Coffee Machine Technologies’ Commercial Electronic Fiorenzato grinders come standard with Red Speed Burrs, a long-lasting steel coating that keeps burrs sharper for longer by reducing friction by up to 40 per cent and increasing hardness by 30 per cent. Red Speed burrs reduces service maintenance costs and replacement frequencies.

Fiorenzato XGi Grind by Weight grinders include innovative patented technology calculated in grams, set only once, guaranteeing precise dose and avoiding waste. An algorithm constantly monitors each shot to ensure accuracy and consistency.

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