Fiorenzato Home to launch two coffee grinders at Host Milano


Fiorenzato Home has announced the launch of two new coffee grinders at Host Milano, AllGround Sense and AllGround Probrew.

According to Fiorenzato, which is distributed in Australia by Coffee Machine Technologies, AllGround Sense embodies the essence of the Fiorenzato Home line. It is tailored to the needs of micro roasters, specialised coffee shops, baristas, and coffee enthusiasts with a taste for premium equipment. The grinder features a weighing technology built into the fork to ensure that the portafilter receives the exact grams of ground coffee every time.

A dedicated touchscreen display also lets users easily select the exact grind dose for espresso, moka or filter brewing, ensuring precision with every cup.

The AllGround Probrew grinder is designed to minimise retention and waste thanks to its zero-retention bellow which replaces the traditional hopper. AllGround Probrew comes with a metal grind cup and Dark-T burrs specifically designed to produce the ideal grind size for filter brewing.

Fiorenzato Home will be joined by Agnieszka Rojewska, former World Barista Champion and defending World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, for the presentation of the new coffee grinders. She will present the new coffee grinders and introduce their features and specifications at the event.

Fiorenzato will also showcase the new BOND grinder that can be connected to a coffee machine to ensure constant extraction and coffee quality. Host Milano will also see many novelties from Fiorenzato’s sister company Pietro Grinders, which will debut its Add-on Pack of accessories for the Pietro manual grinder.

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