Fiorenzato launches Home grinder line with the AllGround

Fiorenzato AllGround

Grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato has announced the launch of the AllGround, its first high-performance coffee grinder for the domestic channel.

The grinder serves as a starting point for Fiorenzato’s new Home Line.

“We want to bring the experience of the professional world into homes, with an appliance accessible to all/for everybody. Hence the Home Line was born, dedicated to the coffee beans consumption trends at home, already established in much of the world,” says Christian Oddera, CEO of Fiorenzato.

“Grinding the beans on the spot enhances the aromatic notes of the coffee and with AllGround we have the opportunity to meet everyone’s tastes with the three modes: espresso, moka, and filter. It is so easy to use that you only need to turn the ring nut to discover new ways of drinking coffee.”

Fiorenzato calls it a coffee grinder that ensures maximum yield and enhancement of the aromatic notes of coffee, thanks to the instant grinding tailored for espresso, moka, and filter.

AllGround is available in a range of seven colors, combining functionality with the latest design trends.

Fiorenzato’s says its new communication campaign represent the brand’s value through the most common rituals of drinking coffee. First: Espresso, embrace the pillar of tradition. Second: Moka, the innovative approach and the thirst for new explorations. Third: Filtro, the warmth of the Fiorenzato family.

The grinder is easy to use, simply rotating the ring nut, guiding users between the different granulometries to create their favourite cup. At the end of the stroke, the easy-open button is activated, which allows users to open and quickly clean the grinding chamber.

Fiorenzato’s burrs production has recently been internalised and represents a technological vanguard in the production process.

AllGround burrs are made of M340 steel, a material created as a food grade application, and have a 64-millimetre diameter which guarantees a larger grinding surface, avoiding damaging the coffee beans. The titanium coating ensures more durability over time, the grinder can grind up to 1400 kilograms of coffee.

The grinder’s innovations came FiorenzatoLAB, born in 2020 FiorenzatoLAB with the aim to bring a very technical and technological world closer to a more heterogeneous audience in a modern, international, and inclusive key.

For Espresso mode, its efforts were concentrated on the creation of a burr geometry so that the bimodal granulometry curve showed a low peak of “fines”- which lead to increase the perception of bitterness – and a more pronounced curve of “boulders” – which convey the sweetness and aromatic part.

For Filter mode the new burrs showed a very low level of fines in favour of greater homogeneity in the peak of boulders, ensuring the end user to be able to extract a great balance from the drink prepared with filter methods.

In the Moka mode, the curve shows to peaks similar to Espresso ones but with levels of fines in the middle between Filter and Espresso. This allows to convey grater body and aromas into the cup, typical characteristics of the drink prepared with a pot.

This experimentation and sensory analyses were crucial to determine the burrs’ geometry, thus ensuring the perfect extraction.

“Fiorenzato is now in more than 70 countries with a dedicated distribution for the food-service market. AllGround represents an opportunity to increase the point of contact with our consumers by moving towards an omnichannel strategy. AllGround is the first of a series of products that will allow Fiorenzato to be ever closer to the demanding and constantly evolving coffee consumer,” says Denis Girardi and Carlo Dorigo, Fiorenzato’s Sales Directors.

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