Fiorenzato Pietro

Fiorenzato Pietro

Fiorenzato, an industry leader of commercial coffee grinders, recently introduced the Pietro, a flat burr manual grinder designed with comfort, efficiency, and precision in mind.

Pietro grinder aims to revolutionise the manual grinding experience being one of the only vertical flat burr hand grinders on the market.

This ergonomic design allows users to rest their other hand on top of the grinder, leveraging gravity to stabilise it, providing a seamless and efficient grinding experience.

Equipped with 58-millimetre vertical flat burrs, the Pietro grinder gives consistent grinds at any setting. Crafted from durable M340 stainless steel the burrs can effortlessly grind any size.

With a stepped adjustment system located at the back, users can easily fine-tune the burr position to achieve the desired grind size.

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