First Pour

The third café under the Veneziano Coffee Roster’s name, First Pour South Australia opened its doors in December 2011. The café and roastery brings elite barista talent and award-winning specialty coffee to the residents of Adelaide.
Director, Remo Russo, says the café is different in personality to the other First Pour cafés established in Melbourne and Brisbane. Located in Melbourne street, a prominent fashion and restaurant precinct in SA, the café is located in a heritage building using recycled timber material in the interior.

“Opening in SA was the next logical step in the progression of Veneziano and the coffee market,” Remo says. “In our city, which is becoming increasingly recognised for specialty coffee, customers actively seek out establishments that provide high quality food and coffee, coupled with a high level of customer focus. That is precisely what our aim is at the first Pour Café in SA.”

Using the First Pour blend as their signature drink, Craig Simon, Roasting and Producing Manager in Victoria, says customers experience fruity and complex flavours from their Veneziano roasted coffee. “You need to be an awesome competition barista to get the best of our beans and we select small batches of beans to constantly rotate in the café,” Craig says.

Remo adds that the wide range of available single origin beans give baristas the opportunity to interact with customers and share their knowledge about their origin. “We showcase our blends and have made First Pour a place to educate our customers,” Remo says. siphons, aero press, chemex and pour over brew methods are available.

Head Barista-trainer, Ben Rosenthal and Head Barista, Mike Wells, will lead a talented team of baristas at the café to ensure customers experience a quality beverage. “We’re always chasing the highest coffee and best experience in the cup,” Craig says. “It’s when coffee gets the chance to shine.”

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