Five Senses to host Curated Cupping on 30 November

Five Senses will host its final Curated Cupping event for the year on Thursday 30 November at 5:30pm.

It’s monthly Curated Cupping events are set up to bring the coffee community together by showcasing different coffees and experiences that Five Senses has access to.

It’s last edition for the year will be themed on World Coffee Research’s Sensory Lexicon 2.0, a global language for describing coffee flavour, and how to calibrate your palate with the formally recognised sensory references.

“Our last Curated Cupping for the year will unpack the Lexicon, the world of sensory science and offer an opportunity to taste a range of FlavorActiv’s reference flavours. Ready your palates,” says Jacob Ibarra, Five Senses Director of Coffee.

Last month, Five Senses hosted an event around Myanmar, that challenged its usual cupping practices as it had not bought any coffee from Myanmar, but was intrigued enough to participate in a trip that Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) invited them to.

“It was because of that trip that we got an insight into what’s truly happening on the ground regarding the funding from USAID and what the long-term potential for success could look like,” Jacob says.

Out of that trip, Jacob says he and the fellow Five Senses staff felt it was important to share a core message: that coffee doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

“Farmers growing great coffee or a country becoming recognised for its stellar supply only happens with the internal support of a country and the fostering of a local economy,” Jacob says. “Knowing that Myanmar is facing several challenges at the moment, many of which are in the news, we really wanted to centre the event around this principle. If specialty coffee is to succeed here it really will take support and interest from foreign entities to showcase to the government that it is something worth investing into long term.”

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