Five Senses hosts largest Curated Cupping to date

Five Senses hosted one of its largest Curated Cupping events to date across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth on 30 November.

The event, the last one of its kind for the year at Five Senses’ Training Academies, was themed on World Coffee Research’s (WCR) Sensory Lexicon 2.0, a global language for describing coffee flavour.

Guests were shown how to “unpack the Lexicon” and calibrate their palate with the formally recognised sensory references. Participants were also given the change to taste a range of FlavorActiv’s reference flavours.

“This was our 33rd Curated Cupping event. We’ve been running them for the past three years and we’re thrilled to see how engaged the Australian coffee community is with our content,” says Ben Bicknell, Five Senses’ Strategic Projects Manager.

“This last one drew a huge crowd, largely in part because FlavourActiv’s capsules have just been released and we were one of the first in the world to have them and give people a chance to taste them for free, but also because these events are just a great way to connect with new coffee concepts, catch up with friends and try amazing coffee.”

The Melbourne cupping also gave participants a sneak peak at Five Senses’ newly-released beer, An Ode to Agent Cooper.

The beer combines Ethiopian coffee roasted by Five Senses with a rich, dark and chocolatey cherry porter from Old Wives Ales.

For more information about this new product, click here.

Queensland will also host the WCR Sensory Lexicon 2.0 event on 20 December.  Click here for more information.

Fives Senses wishes to give a special mention to staff who worked hard behind the scenes to make these events come to life, including Geoffrey Clarke, a scientist and NSW Account Manager who wrote the cupping content; and Mitchell Fink, WA Barista Trainer; Matthew Smithies, SA Sales and Account Manager; and Adrian Mancusco, VIC Barista Trainer, who all present the cuppings in their respective states.

Five Senses’ monthly Curated Cupping events are set up to bring the coffee community together by showcasing different coffees and experiences that Five Senses has access to.

Ben says each event has been unique in its own way, but highlights included a discussion on how to detect coffee defects and name them; A Love Affair: H2O and Coffee, on water’s impact on coffee and taste; and a cupping of some of the best roasts from Nordic countries.

Five Senses’ Curated Cuppings will return in 2018. Stay tuned to its Facebook page for details or visit

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