Five Senses launches pre-sale for coffee from new genetic group

Five Senses’ pre-sale for a Yemenia coffee, a recently identified genetic group, from the 2020 Yemen Coffee Auction will close at 9am Perth time on 9 February.

“It’s a pretty darn exciting release as not only is it representing a super unique series of flavours from a country that we don’t see much of in Australia, but it’s the result of a comprehensive genetic mapping study – the discovery of this new genetic material could have some pretty big flow on impacts in coffees battle to be a more resilient agricultural crop and secure greater recognition for Yemen’s producers,” says Ben Bicknell, Strategic Projects Manager for Five Senses.

The coffee, Lot #9 Mutawasat Community, contains flavour notes of juicy black cherry and rich dried orange, balanced against crisp honeydew, hints of nutmeg, and a silky dark chocolate body.

Yemenia was discovered after several years of research by Qima Coffee in partnership with Dr. Christophe Montagnon, from RD2 Vision into Yemen’s coffee genetics.

This new group represents a previously unknown group of coffee genetics that Qima Coffee says has the potential to reshape the coffee world for decades to come. In addition to the new genetic diversity this discovery will offer to the world, it says the cup quality of the new group was found to be exceptional.

To assess the cup quality of Yemenia, Qima Coffee partnered with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) to assemble an independent jury of 35 expert cuppers from 24 leading global coffee companies across 14 countries. The assessment was done blind, and the cup quality of the Yemenia coffees was found to be exceptional with numerous coffees scoring 90 or more.

Fifteen lots were sold in the second Qima Yemen Coffee Auction in September 2020, held in partnership between Qima and the ACE.

Pre-order the coffee HERE, or read more about the coffee HERE.

Feature image credit: Qima Coffee

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