Five Senses to launch pop up brew bars

Five Senses has announced it is launching a series of pop up brew bars in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth throughout September and October.

Called Filter: The New Black, the pop up venues aim to drive filter appreciation to customers in a bid to connect them with this easy and tasty method of brewing coffee at home.

“Filter coffee is such an easy and delicious way to experience specialty coffee. While espresso is always going to be a crowd favourite, to get good results at home is often expensive, fairly messy and quite technical in terms of preparation. A filter coffee setup at home is pretty simple and the preparation method allows people to explore the flavours of coffee in really accessible way,” says Strategic Project Manager Ben Bicknell.

“For many years, filter coffee had a bad rap in Australia – it was the province of bulk hotel or convention center service, or alternatively the thing our grandparents made with poor quality, darkly roasted coffee and little knowledge of techniques for tastiness. It’s in a completely different space now however, while there’s some incredible brews being offered up in more and more cafés, it’s still relatively uncommon and coffee drinkers may not have had the opportunity to explore this style of coffee.”

Luckily for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth-based coffee consumers, Five Senses are providing the chance to get up close and personal to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to producing quality filter coffee.

The Sydney pop up will be located in the coffee heartland of Surry Hills, while Perth and Melbourne will see the filter bars serve out close to the city centre – stay tuned to the Five Senses social media for the unveiling of specific locations.

The goal of the pop ups is to help make great filter coffee super accessible. Guests will be able to take up free demonstrations on how to prepare brews at home, while also using this preparation method to explore Five Senses’ fresh crop single origins, including beans from a diverse range of regions in Colombia, Sumatra, Ethiopia, Kenya and Panama.

“We’ll be offering both individual servings of some exciting seasonal lots from Kenya and Panama alongside tasting flights that provide an exploration of different aspects of specialty coffee, from processing through to terroir – there’s really something for everyone,” Ben says.

The tasting flight will feature Elida Estate from Boquete in Panama. Wilford Lamastus and his family produce some a diverse range of quality coffees, including the rare Geisha variety. “I think it’ll be a really cool opportunity for new and experienced coffee drinkers alike to experience the results,” Ben says.

Among an extensive range, Five Senses will showcase some coffees from its own Tiga Raja mill in Sumatra.

The Filter: The New Black pop ups will also unveil Five Senses’ new-look packaging. Ben says the information displayed on the new coffee packets are about helping customers navigate their coffee choices.

“Each Five Senses coffee has its own unique visual identity to celebrate the fact that there is such individual variety out there in the world of coffee – each is distinct,” he says.

Ben adds that each coffee on offer embodies a unique narrative celebrating the origin, producer and flavour, with every bag traced back to producers from which it came.

“Specialty coffee is a rich landscape that’s studded with amazing people and threaded together by tasty brews. We’re committed to helping people celebrate this variety and depth of the coffee journey – there are so many unique coffees, their flavours a direct result of the craft expressed by the farmers, roaster and brewer. We just get really excited about helping people enjoy these delicious cups and have a bunch of fun along the way.”

Five Senses is the creator of speciality Barista Academies in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. The Academies offer espresso and filter training classes for budding baristas, experienced pros, and curious aficionado who want to develop, refine, and learn from those who have devoted their lives to the coffee journey.

Five Senses gift brew packs for the home coffee connoisseur will be available to purchase at Filter: The New Black pop ups, the Barista Academies, and online.

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