Flight Coffee releases Sparkling Cold Brew

Flight Coffee

New Zealand company Flight Coffee has announced its latest cold brew cans Sparkling Cold Brew’, infused with manuka honey and mandarin.

The company says it’s fresh, delicious and a new way to enjoy coffee.

“We’ve wanted to create a different kind of specialty coffee experience, an experience that will encourage curiosity, celebrate coffee, and made in a way that every can will be consistently tasty,” says Flight Coffee Director and Founder Nick Clark.

“Expect a light and bubbly texture with a coffee-forward flavour profile. You’ll get hit with subtle citrus and tonic notes leaving your palate feeling balanced, crisp, and refreshed.”

The company says it’s made with its original Bomber Blend, infused with manuka honey and mandarin to complement, and enhance the natural tasting notes of Bomber.

After brewing, it’s carbonated, canned, and ready to drink.

The 240-millilitre can is equivalent to a double shot of espresso, and is manufactured and produced in New Zealand.

For more information, visit the Flight Coffee website.

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