Flo-Smart Beverage Solutions

Coffee Works Express is excited to announce its appointment as a major distribution partner for Flo-Smart, the world’s first automated hands-free chilled beverage dispensing system.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Flo-Smart’s design is centred around its capacity to dispense up to four different types of chilled beverages to one location in a seamless software-controlled environment. Its features include standard two or four tap pouring solutions, two tap simultaneous pouring, fully customisable controls, a stylish design with easy to clean surfaces, and semi-automated scheduled cleaning with data logging.

Operator intervention and liquid waste is minimised. As the jug size is automatically detected, the beverage is then calibrated and dispensed to a pre-set value. 

Flo-Smart‘s environmental mandate is centred around reducing the use of plastics in the industry, through the systematic use of custom “bulk beverage storage” and delivery solutions potentially filled at the source.

For more information, visit flo-smart.com

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