Flour & Chocolate

Flour & Chocolate

Nothing goes better with a beautiful pastry than a nice coffee, which is why Lachlan and Kylie Scott wanted to offer the pairing when they opened their second Flour & Chocolate patisserie in Northgate, Queensland.

“The two really go hand in hand. We wanted to serve coffee at our first place in Morningside, but just didn’t have the space,” Kylie says.

“A friend of ours who owns a café recommended Mocopan Coffee to us, so we spoke with their team and really liked their philosophy and what they were about. It’s been around for such a long time and they had that classic style about them. Most importantly, we found their coffee really complemented our food.”

Of Flour & Chocolate’s many pastries and baked goods, Kylie says its almond chocolate croissant and range of danishes are favourites among regulars. The patisserie also keeps things fresh with daily or weekly specials and by taking recommendations from customers of seasonal fruits and flavours.

Despite its small size, the original Flour & Chocolate has built a strong following in Morningside over the last eight years for its delicious food. For their second venue, Lachlan and Kylie wanted something closer to home with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

“It was just Lachlan and I for a very long time. Lachlan made the food and I’d serve the customers. Now, we have a team of about 50 staff, so it’s nice to see that grow over that time,” Kylie says.

“We live locally to Northgate – I grew up in this area and our kids go to schools here – and we wanted somewhere that wasn’t just in a shopping centre, was a little out of the way, and could really be part of an experience.”

The Northgate patisserie feels like a little getaway in the usually bustling town. A beautiful garden has been set up in the entry way to help customers sit and relax while they enjoy their food and coffee. Flour & Chocolate has chosen to keep table service closed through COVID-19 but looks forward to when it can welcome customers back for more than a few minutes per day.

“We’ve thought about reopening our seating, but our main concern is our customer’s wellbeing,” Kylie says. 

“In the meantime, we’ve implemented a bit more of a deli style, so customers can still come in to get their takeaway coffee and a croissant.”

Flour & Chocolate
78 Old Toombul Road, Northgate, Queensland, 4013

Open Tuesday to Friday 6:30am to 5pm, Saturday 6:30am to 2pm
(07) 3161 6246

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