FNC obtains usage rights to 10 Cenicafé-developed coffee varietals


The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has obtained usage rights over several varieties developed by its scientific arm, the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé).

With a process beginning in 2013, this marks the first time an institution has obtained the rights to a coffee varietal.

During the process, 18 progenies of varieties developed by Cenicafé were registered on the National Register of Cultivars, and agronomic tests of distinguishability, homogeneity and stability were run for 10 of them.

The evaluations under the standards of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants and under direct supervision of the Colombian Agricultural Institute allowed the FNC to obtain rights over these 10 progenies.

“It is not only important to develop new varieties that are resistant to diseases, better climate-adapted and with great cup quality, but also to protect them as a valuable collective equity of Colombian coffee growers,” FNC CEO Roberto Vélez says.

For more information, visit www.federaciondecafeteros.org/particulares/en

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