FNC launches new system for direct export of small quantities of Colombian coffee

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has launched a new system enabling the export of their coffee in small quantities via international shipping and express courier companies.

In an effort to promote direct coffee sales and increase the income of producers, the FNC has developed a system whereby registered exporters can now export up to 60 kilograms of green Colombian coffee, 50.4 kilograms of roasted coffee, 23 kilograms of instant coffee, or 23 kilograms of coffee extract all using an online portal.

The FNC says that setting up and paying for the purchase and export should take users no more than five minutes using their new online system.

Anyone with prior registration as a coffee exporter will be able to export Colombian coffee in small quantities. Direct exporters can register on the National Register of Coffee Exporters at no cost and without the need for intermediaries. They must then access the Online Store portal to create an ad announcing the export sale, pay the coffee contribution (online with debit card), print confirmation, and arrange shipping through authorised international shipping and express courier agencies.

FNC say the benefits of the small quantity coffee export program are that it simplies the registration process, simplifies the quality control process, facilitates the payment, and ensures direct delivery to the final customer or consumer abroad.

For more information visit cafedecolombia.com/familia ot contact the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation at ici.registro@cafedecolombia.com.

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