FoodByUs: the new Amazon of the food service market 

When it comes to finding a new supplier, word of mouth or Google can be useful, but they aren’t reliable sources. Managing existing suppliers is not easy either.

To help streamline the process, FoodByUs offers hundreds of quality local suppliers via desktop or mobile.

A one-stop-shop for the foodservice industry, FoodByUs covers all categories across baked goods, beverages, dairy, dry goods, fish, fruit and veg, and meat.

Each category has a growing list of approved quality suppliers giving customers the ability to compare range, delivery options, service levels, and price.

“We are the Amazon for the food service market,” says Ben Lipschitz of FoodByUs. “While we now offer suppliers in so many categories and cater for restaurants, hotels and specialty stores, we started with cafés. Our baked goods category is very strong, giving customers amazing choice across a wide range of suppliers. Of course we offer bread and bagels, but we are also a great place to find vegan donuts or delicious protein balls.”

Immediately upon joining the FoodByUs community, users can make orders without long forms or complex credit checks. No matter how many suppliers customers choose to buy from, users can pay in one transaction, with no mark up, via credit card or direct debit. Subsequent orders are even easier with FoodByUs’ one click re-order and standing order options.

FoodByUs is committed to providing a superior customer experience and have dedicated reps in Sydney. The team are happy to visit venues to discuss individual needs and arrange samples to get started.

The next time your café is looking for a new supplier, Ben offers one piece of advice: “Look at FoodByUs first. It will save you hours and is simply a better way of ordering supplies from Sydney’s most trusted and reliable suppliers.”

Hundreds of cafés order from FoodByUs daily, and it is slowly becoming the go-to destination for any foodservice business looking to streamline management of existing suppliers, find new suppliers, or just explore the variety of the food on the market and see wha’s trending.

First time users can enjoy $50 off their first order with FoodByUs. Use the code BSCENE18 at checkout for purchases of a minimum $100.

To find out how FoodByUs can benefit your business, visit

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