Franke Coffee Systems explains the evolution of the brand

Franke Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems explains the evolution of the brand and celebrates its range of machines, the importance of being a manufacturer and its success in the Oceania region.

Adaptability is part of Franke Group’s pioneer DNA. For more than a century, it has determined how Franke has seized unique opportunities to drive change. This is how Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, develops complete systems for professional automatic coffee machines and takes innovation one step further.

“Franke Coffee Systems is a world- leading solutions provider of automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making. Its passion for the best coffee quality motivates the company to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the- art revolutions,” says Franke Coffee Systems Business Development Director Oceania David Downing.

“By thinking outside the box and listening closely, our coffee solutions offer technological innovations, quality designs and reliable performances that our customers can truly value, all backed by a tradition of Swiss craftsmanship and precision engineering.”

Headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland, Franke Coffee Systems has more than 850 employees worldwide and a global service and sales network. Together, they strive to continuously develop outstanding coffee solutions, enabling customers to craft memorable coffee moments.

“When we consider the industry now, we have automatic milk steamers, tampers, touchscreens, telemetry — the whole process is technology driven. At Franke, we know automation provides consistency and reliability, and aids the barista in their daily tasks without taking over completely,” David says.

“We all use technology in our daily lives. The coffee industry is no different.”

A machine for every need

Today’s specialty coffee consumers expect both convenience and consistent in-cup quality from their coffee, wherever they go.

A great cup of coffee has become an essential experience, whether one seeks a perfect espresso in a high-end restaurant, at the neighbourhood café, or in self-serve locations such as an office or convenience store.

Franke Coffee Systems offers a wide range of automatic innovative solutions designed to enhance coffee offerings and keep operators ahead of the competition.

“The A Line product portfolio is based on technological innovations, quality designs and reliable performance, ensuring exceptional beverages for guests every time,” David says.

Each machine in the A Line product range is adaptable according to design, size, performance, operation, space and beverage choice.

“An intuitive user interface guarantees easy operation with minimal skills and training. Additionally, Franke provides multiple cleaning options to meet the highest hygiene standards, whether it’s a semi-automatic or fully automatic process. This allows baristas to focus on delivering exceptional coffee experiences while the cleaning process takes care of itself,” says David.

David Downing is Franke Coffee Systems’ Business Development Director Oceania.

To cater to the increase of coffee consumption and high-end demands of customers, Franke Coffee Systems introduced the BeyondTraditional product category in 2023, and with it, the new Mytico product line. The first two models within the Mytico line, Mytico Due and Mytico Vario, include a large variability of beverage options on two eight-inch touchscreens.

“Each machine has two coffee modules, allowing two operators to run the machine at once. With minimal effort and training required and a compact design that fits easily on your countertop at an ideal height for better customer interaction, Mytico maximises efficiency and effectiveness for a more streamlined service,” David says.

“The machines also have Barista Modules with a traditional Franke S1 steam wand and a Autosteam Pro S3 steam wand that automatically froths milk to the ideal consistency, ensuring barista-made quality with every coffee.”

David says while the machine models look similar, the two possess distinct qualities.

“Mytico Due prioritises barista-quality service with a two-step preparation using fully automated or traditional steam wands and a modern design. Its automated operation and intuitive design, coupled with a low machine height, enable baristas to easily engage with customers,” he says.

The automatic machine has a daily capacity output of 300 cups. The Franke automatic cleaning system supports this volume by maintaining hygiene standards.

The patented Franke iQFlow intelligent coffee extraction technology also ensures a consistent, high- quality coffee in each cup.

“iQFlow allows the user to personalise multiple flavour profiles and efficiently extracts the full aroma, flavour, and body from every roasted coffee bean, revolutionising the traditional extraction concept. This intelligent technology distils more flavour under constant, uniform pressure throughout the entire extraction time, thus enabling consistent, individual taste profiles,” David says.

Mytico Vario, on the other hand, contains a higher daily capacity output of 360 cups. David says it features a simple configuration, automated operation, and an integrated milk system. He says different milk and milk alternatives can be prepared at the same time on both the left and right coffee module.

“The integrated milk system helps reduce milk waste and opens up an additional beverage range, while the steam wand allows more variety with milk or plant-based alternatives,” David says.

“Franke’s FoamMaster technology provides the unique ability to pre-set a custom foam profile for each beverage and milk selection, allowing your customers to enjoy barista-style coffee at the touch of a button. Whether they choose hot coffee with milk or a milk alternative, light foam or more, every cup can be consistently executed to suit their preferences.”

Franke Coffee Systems also unveiled its PrecisionFoam technology at Host Milano. New to the Mytico Vario model, this feature allows the barista to produce milk foam in the desired quantity, temperature, and consistency.

“The PrecisionFoam technology uses accurate flowmeters that dispense the correct pre-programmed quantity of milk mixed with the correct amount of air,” David says. “The built-in FoamMaster technology guarantees the perfect foam texture and consistency every time.”

The company’s presence at Host Milano also revealed a sneak peak of a new addition to the Mytico line, the Mytico Uno.

“The Mytico Uno is a fully automated coffee machine that sets new standards. At the touch of a button, Mytico Uno delivers high-quality coffee and brings barista-grade beverages with an inbuilt fridge. It will be released in 2024,” says David.

According to David, the machine manufacturer has maintained its status as a market leader by looking ahead and foreseeing market trends.

Franke Coffee Systems’ new state- of-the-art showroom in New South Wales showcases its product portfolio.

“When I look back on our first machine ranges, including the Franke Evolution and Sinfonia machines, it’s obvious how far we as a company and the industry as a whole have come. To go from push-button espresso machines to touchscreens, telemetry, and interchangeable brewing systems is such a huge achievement,” he says.

“Our research and development team are always looking at new ways for us to improve our production processes. Who knows what will happen in the next 100 years?”

Thinking globally

The launch of the Mytico range comes as Franke Coffee Systems continues to grow its presence in the Oceania region, a nod to the company’s growing engagement in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

“We recognise the depth and importance of coffee culture in Australia and the demand for barista quality coffee being mass produced efficiently every day. The hands-on experience that consumers can now have in our new showroom provides a unique opportunity for business partners, now featuring the revolutionary Mytico Due and Mytico Vario machines,” David says.

David says the product release was also the highlight of the opening of the state- of-the-art showroom in Alexandria, New South Wales. He says the modern space is a contemporary take on traditional European design to showcase the latest in professional coffee systems.

“The opening of the brand new, contemporary showroom in Sydney is a landmark moment for Franke Coffee Systems as a business. The showroom offers partners the opportunity to explore the features of not only the new Mytico machines, but the full range of Franke’s A Line fully automatic coffee machines,” says David.

“When I started with Franke back in 2009, we had one distributor in Australia and one in New Zealand. To now have so much demand in the Oceania region that we built a showroom in New South Wales, and to have the privilege of spearheading that growth, is very rewarding for me.”

David says Franke Coffee Systems’ success in the global coffee industry stems from its ability to lead, not follow, innovation.

“I pride myself on the company I work with. Being with Franke for almost 15 years is a testimony to who they are as a business, the quality of the machines and the culture. In those 15 years, we’ve taken the brand and our equipment portfolio to a new level. It’s an honour to be a part of the journey,” David says.

As a Franke Coffee Systems executive, David says the most rewarding part of his career has been witnessing the support from partners and distributors.

“That loyalty from our partners shows me how much brand recognition we’ve gained throughout the years and fills me with great pride. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our distributors, sub dealers, roasters and customers. To have that connection and trust is a beautiful thing,” he says. David says he will be at the helm of Franke Coffee Systems’ expansion and looks forward to observing the continued growth of the brand.

“We’re still securing new partnerships with our A Line range, and we’re excited to see the continued growth of the Mytico range, particularly in the hotel sector. I’m eager to watch the brand continue to go from strength to strength and prosper in the future,” he says.

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