Franke Coffee Systems explains the intricacies behind the Mytico Due and Mytico Vario

Franke Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems explains the intricacies behind the latest automatic espresso machines from its new product category BeyondTraditional, the Mytico Due and Mytico Vario.

When Franke Coffee Systems elected three-time World Barista Championship competitor Wojciech Tysler of Ireland to be its Brand Ambassador in 2022, it was a strategic decision to help strengthen the company’s position as an innovative and pioneering manufacturer of fully automatic coffee machines with a focus on quality.

“My passion for the perfect cup of coffee and outstanding hospitality connects me with Franke Coffee Systems. Thanks to Franke’s technologies, I can put all my knowledge and creativity as a barista into the fully automatic machines,” says Wojciech.

This connection extends to Franke Coffee Systems’ new product category BeyondTraditional and its first product line called Mytico, which Wojciech believes is a one-of-a-kind machine.

“When we’re talking about good coffee, we need good beans, good quality water at the right temperature, a good barista, and the right coffee machine. This is where the Mytico Line comes in,” Wojciech says.

The first two products in this product line, Mytico Due and Mytico Vario, include a large variability of beverage options on two, eight-inch touchscreens.

Wojciech appreciates the programmable Barista Levers on both group heads, which give the user direct access to the most frequently used beverages or features.

“For example, if you pull the lever down you can set it up to produce a single espresso and pull the lever up to offer a double espresso,” he says.

Wojciech says the patented Franke iQFlow extraction technology, available in both machines, allows baristas to control the flavour output while maintaining a consistent, high-quality coffee.

“iQFlow allows the user to personalise multiple flavour profiles and efficiently extracts the full aroma, flavour, and body from every roasted coffee bean, revolutionising the traditional extraction concept. This intelligent technology distils more flavour under constant, uniform pressure throughout the entire extraction time, thus enabling consistent, individual taste profiles,” says Wojciech.

“The iQFlow is very precise with extraction time. What consumers look for in a good coffee is consistency, and the Mytico machines give you just that.”

Where the machines differ, is implied in the name. Mytico Due features a traditional Franke S1 steam wand for expert baristas, as well as an Autosteam Pro S3 steam wand that automatically froths milk to the ideal consistency.

The automatic machine has a daily capacity output of 300 cups.

“When I start steaming milk on it, it’s absolutely amazing,” Wojciech says.

On the other hand, Mytico Vario offers a higher daily capacity output of 360 cups with an automated operation and an integrated milk system. Different milk and milk alternatives can be prepared at the same time on both the left and right coffee module.

Emo Design consultancy Founder Carlo Ciciliot says the Mytico Line was created with the goal of designing a coffee machine that looks beautiful, drawing inspiration from traditional Italian design, and has high functionality and is easy to use.

“We tried to put together some interesting elements and finishings like the Barista Levers, the feet of the machine, and specific branding on the back of the machine that make it look beautiful,” he says.

“You can also change the colour of the side panels for added customisation.”

The Mytico product line is currently available in Europe and the Middle East and will be launched in the Asia-Pacific in Q3, 2023. It is planned to launch in China, Japan, and the Americas in 2024. The Mytico line will be on display at Franke Coffee System’s exhibitor stand at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 17 to 19 August.

“The new BeyondTraditional product category perfectly complements Franke Coffee Systems’ broad product portfolio of fully automatic coffee machines, while the new Mytico line unlocks even more potential for today’s owners of coffee businesses,” says Franke Coffee Systems CEO Marco Zancolò.

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