Franke Mytico wins MICE Product Innovation Award 2023

Franke Mytico

Franke Coffee Systems Mytico line has been honoured with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) Product Innovation Award for Coffee Preparation Equipment.

According to Franke Coffee Systems, the shortage of skilled baristas worldwide has presented challenges for coffee businesses striving to consistently meet demand. In response to these industry challenges, Franke Coffee Systems has introduced the BeyondTraditional product category, intended to redefine the standards for coffee preparation equipment. The result is the Mytico product line, which brings together Swiss technology and Italian design to deliver high-quality coffee.

“Mytico is the result of Franke’s commitment to elevate industry standards through continuous innovation, empowering baristas with advanced technology and delighting customers with exceptional experiences,” Franke Coffee Systems CEO Marco Zancolò.

“We are thrilled to receive the MICE Product Innovation Award, which reaffirms our dedication to pushing the boundaries of coffee technology and design.”

The first two products in the product line, Mytico Due and Mytico Vario, both include a large variability of beverage options on two eight-inch touch screens. Mytico Due has a daily capacity output of 300 cups, while Mytico Vario contains a higher daily capacity output of 360 cups.

Since 2012, MICE has grown to become the premier event for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals in the region. The Product Innovation Awards recognise exhibitors that showcase exceptional products at the trade fair.

Mytico is currently not available in all countries and will be launched in various markets gradually.

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