Franke reviews Oceania market launch of Mytico line

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Franke Coffee Systems reviews the Oceania market launch of the Mytico line, unveils a new showroom in New South Wales, and explains why Australasia is the manufacturer’s current focus.

Franke Coffee Systems’ Mytico line may have already received encouraging feedback from the Europe and Middle East region, but Franke Coffee Systems Business Development Director Oceania David Downing was eager for the new equipment to make its debut Down Under, first, via a new showroom opening in Sydney, then at private events in Melbourne and Auckland before a big public showing.

“The Mytico line officially launched in Australia at the 2023 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE). There are always some nerves when you’re introducing a new product like this, but as soon as the doors opened on Thursday [17 August], everyone made a beeline for our booth. We couldn’t have hoped for a better response from the market,” David says.

“MICE is recognised as the largest dedicated coffee show in the Southern Hemisphere, where the coffee industry in Australia comes together in one place, at one time. Therefore, it was clear for us that it would be the right place to unveil our new Mytico line to the Australian market.”

David says the Mytico line won the MICE2023 Product Innovation Award in the category of Coffee Preparation Equipment for its innovative and timeless design combined with state-of-the-art technology.

“For us [this award] means all the hard work we’ve put into the development has paid off,” says David. “We brought a system to the market that will support the coffee industry and help simplify the barista’s job. It’s never been easier to offer a consistent, high-quality coffee with the Mytico line now available in Australia.”

David says the product release was also the highlight of the opening of the state-of-the-art showroom, located at 17/36 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria in New South Wales. He says the modern space is a contemporary take on traditional European design to showcase the latest in professional coffee systems.

“The opening of the brand new, contemporary showroom in Sydney is a landmark moment for Franke Coffee Systems as a business,” says David. “The showroom offers partners the opportunity to explore the features of not only the new Mytico machines, but the full range of Franke’s A-Line fully automatic coffee machines.”

Utilising Swiss integrated technology to create barista-grade coffee, the Mytico Due and Mytico Vario feature an Italian design, adding a premium touch to cafés and coffee shops globally.

“The machines’ Italian design is striking, flattering any countertop, and each machine features two coffee modules which aids overall output,” says Marco Zancolò, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems.

The two models can be tailored to suit any hospitality business’ needs, with the Mytico Due and Mytico Vario including patented Franke iQFlow intelligent coffee extraction technology.

Delivering a consistent high-quality coffee in each cup, the iQFlow technology enables a variety of users, from cafés to hotel chains, to create personalised flavour profiles. The uniform pressure applied during the extraction process efficiently extracts the aroma of each individual roasted coffee bean, with the automated machine designed for fast-paced environments.

“The Mytico line is a hospitality business owner’s best fit. Consumers want their daily coffee to meet their quality expectations and Franke Coffee Systems help to achieve this through its proven and tested coffee technologies that can be found in the Mytico line,” Marco says.

“While fully automated, the machines support barista efficiency, allowing baristas the time to engage with their customers, an essential component of hospitality service. The Mytico Due and Mytico Vario are simple to use and require little training, helping new baristas feel comfortable and confident in the process.”

The Mytico range is the first to be released in Franke Coffee Systems’ latest product category, BeyondTraditional.

Featuring a dual coffee module, Mytico Due and Mytico Vario can initiate individual brewing temperatures in its two different brewing units. The steam wand Autosteam S3 on the left side of each machine amplifies the machine’s automation, while still providing a traditional steam wand S1 on the right side for manual use.

Fully amalgamated into Franke’s Digital Services that help monitor the machine’s performance and functionality, the Mytico line can be operated remotely and tailored to the individual business’s needs.

The unveiling of the Mytico range comes as Franke Coffee Systems continues to grow its presence in the Oceania region, a nod to the company’s growing engagement in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

“We recognise the depth and importance of coffee culture in Australia and the demand for barista quality coffee being mass produced efficiently every day. The hands-on experience that consumers can now have in our new showroom provides a unique opportunity for business partners, now featuring the revolutionary Mytico Due and Mytico Vario machines,” David says.

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