Functional aesthetics and intuitive operation combine in the new Wega WBar

Wega WBar

The new WBar from Wega aims to make the barista’s customary actions even more streamlined in their daily quest to deliver outstanding taste.

Designed to make busy working hours a less frenetic experience for baristas, the machine combines functional aesthetics with completely intuitive operation, making brewing quicker and easier while upholding the quality of great espresso.

The WBar structure is built entirely of stainless steel with rounded, compact lines. The design means that dimensions are reduced, allowing the machine to be positioned on the counter without losing eye contact between the barista and the customer.

The control console consists of two cylindrical groups in an attractive anodised orange colour. On each are ergonomic, vertically-positioned, back-lit keypads which allow up to four doses to be programmed. Ease of use is further enhanced by four service keys – two emergency buttons, a cup warmer button and a hot water dispensing button for making tea – located on the front panel of the machine.

A spot LED is positioned between the groups, creating an elegant strip of light on the work area.

The new WBar steam wand allows the barista to work quickly and smoothly. Two different ways to steam are available: continuous flow or single jet.

The functionality of this machine is further reflected in its versatile work areas, with the ability to use a combination of raised and standard-height groups. The WBar also features the adjustable cup platform that has become a Wega trademark, offering the convenience of being able to adjust the height of the cup support.

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