GIMA cancels 2020 event, looks at new ways to support producers’ children

Flavia and Gabriel Oliveira of Bom Jesus, Sao Lucas, and Labareda farms in Alta Mogiana, Brazil, have announced the cancellation of the 13th Intercity Games for the Environment (GIMA) event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GIMA aims to promote social and environmental responsibility and to create environmental awareness from early generations. Almost 1000 children attended its latest edition.

Fifth grade children from the local area take part in a day of events where they perform plays and non-competitive games. At the end of the day, they are given push bikes to help them go to school because there is no public transport in rural areas like Alta Mogiana.

GIMA is supported by the Minas Hill Foundation and its contributors in Australia. Marcelo Brussi, CEO and Founder of Minas Hill, is working with Flavia and Gabriel to assist their community’s children in other ways during the pandemic.

“Due to the crisis, many children in the rural areas of Brazil are no longer attending schools. Unfortunately for these vulnerable children, internet access is a challenge. We are looking into providing a temporary internet to some communities, shifting the funds we’ve already received to assist those students,” Marcelo says.

“We would love to say thank you to all donors, who regardless of the crisis in their own industry, heartfeltly contributed to a cause Minas Hill proudly supported for six years.”

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