Gippsland Jersey to host Barista Day 2023

Gippsland Jersey

Gippsland Jersey is holding Barista Day 2023 on 18 April at 395 Omearas Road South Poowong North, approximately one hour east of Melbourne.

The event is intended to help baristas learn more about jersey milk and the process it takes to get milk into a bottle and into a coffee cup. Guests can arrive from 10:30am to enjoy complimentary coffee, a farm walk from 11am to 12pm, and a Q&A and lunch from 12pm to 1pm.

According to Gippsland Jersey, cow milk is still the number one favourite coffee in Australia. Gippsland Jersey welcomes café owners, baristas and milk-in-coffee lovers to visit the farm and experience milking a cow firsthand and to see a new way of farming with robots. Gippsland Jersey says farmers will enlighten visitors on why coffee beans are just half of the story.

To RSVP, click here.

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