GP Continental

GP Continental

In May 2022, an 80-year-old building in a quiet residential community in East Hills was converted from an old doctor’s surgery to a clean, bright, minimalist café. Also echoing the building’s prior history as a butcher, the café was aptly named GP Continental.

The breakfast and lunch menu is curated with ingredients that reflect the building’s history as a butcher, combined with tasty house-made condiments.

“The food that we’re offering ties in with the name of ‘continental’ and we’re planning to add in some cured meats and fish,” Owner Daniel Iannello says.

GP Continental offers menu items such as a sourdough with whipped ricotta, Spanish prosciutto, poached eggs and house-made pesto, as well as smoked salmon on soy linseed bread with poached eggs and a refreshing cucumber salsa. There is also a chorizo breakfast burger and a Spanish omelette with house-made chimichurri, aioli, and wilted spinach.

Daniel was looking for the right coffee to pair with this menu and found it in Paradox Coffee Roasters.

“We found the quality and their passion for coffee was what we were looking for, and their blends really suit our clientele,” he says. “They’ve been very supportive and every single one of their staff that comes through have been so welcoming and become instant friends.”

GP Continental has plans to expand its offering and become licenced as more staff come on board.

A passion for coffee, food and hospitality has spurred Daniel’s career so far, and “has been so rewarding to see what GP Continental has become over the past months.”

“It feels like we’ve known all our customers that come in here on a daily basis for a long time, and we feel welcomed to the community as well,” Daniel says. “It feels like I’ve been doing coffee and food forever, and I have a lot of passion for it. You’ve got to do what you love in life – life’s too short to do something that you don’t enjoy.”

GP Continental

3 Lehn Road, East Hills, New South Wales, 2213

Open Monday to Friday 7am – 2pm, and Saturday 7am – 1pm

(02) 8764 6744

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