Greg Scace to guest speak in Australia

Time is running out to secure tickets to hear Greg Scace present on the current state of coffee practices.

The creator of the Scace Device is appearing in Toby’s Estates Knowledge Talks Series in Sydney on 17 February and Melbourne on 18 February.

In his presentation, Espresso State of Art, Greg will delve into the art of extraction, the inner workings of espresso machinery, and perfecting the methods for producing consistent, quality coffee. To top it off, Greg will also talk through the methods for improving quality and consistency using new technology.

“Espresso is where I’ve been lucky enough to make a contribution. I have some science and engineering expertise in the processes by which espresso is produced, that I bring from my day job over into coffee,” Greg said.

This will be Greg’s first visit to Australia. In addition to starring in the Knowledge Talks series, Greg says he’s looking forward to exploring the country’s coffee culture, and checking out a few tourist hot spots – despite the “crazy animals” we have running around.

“Coffee-wise, Australia has a reputation for espresso-based coffee culture that doesn’t accept crummy coffee. I’m pretty on board with that and want to experience it. Tourist-wise, I’m pretty psyched to check out Sydney, particularly the Olympic stuff. I’m interested in the Great Barrier Reef, and maybe doing a bit of sailing if I get a chance.”

Sailing was in fact Greg’s catalyst to discovering coffee. While sailing at the 2000 United States Olympic Trials, competitors were housed by local sailors who brought them cappuccinos each morning. Before long Greg was more interested in mastering the art of cappuccino production than consuming it.

Toby’s Estates Managing Director Cosimo Libardo says inviting industry icons such as Greg to the country is about bringing real education to the Australian coffee scene.

“The purpose of Knowledge Talks isn’t necessarily to just inject the latest information into our coffee scene,” Cosimo said. “Rather it’s to pose thought provoking questions which we can then run with, challenge and explore new ideas and concepts around the latest trends.”

Click the links below to purchase tickets.

Sydney: 6 – 7:30pm on Wednesday 17 February at Tobys Estates Chippendale Café, NSW.

Melbourne: 6 – 7:30pm on Thursday 18 February at Tobys Estates Flinders Lane Café.

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