Grinders Coffee joins The New Joneses’ pop-up house

Grinders Coffee has extended its partnership with Fairtrade to embrace The New Joneses’ ‘better living’ initiative.

Thought to be one of the only live installations of its kind, the multi-awarded The New Joneses’ pop-up house showcases aims to help consumers make easy lifestyle choices for a happier life and healthier planet with little footprint. This includes education on the coffee beans in the cupboard to the energy used to used to grind them.

The event will take place in Melbourne’s Federation Square from 11 – 25 February in collaboration with a host of other planet-friendly businesses.

“The New Joneses is an innovative and practical way to showcase sustainable living,” says Grinders General Manager Neale Wood.

The partnership builds on Grinders Coffee’s existing relationship with the Fairtrade certification system, and further demonstrates the company’s commitment to being part of a sustainable future.

“Grinders is the largest roaster of Fairtrade green beans in Australia. Since 2010, we’re very proud to have contributed more than $875,000 to Fairtrade to help provide better working conditions and fairer terms for farmers and workers in developing countries,” Neal says.

“As a Melbourne-based roaster with a passion for innovation and quality, we’re really looking forward to taking things one step further and seeing Grinders coffee in the house.”

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand CEO, Molly Harriss Olson, says Grinders’ commitment has supported innovation in coffee-growing communities across Nicaragua, Ethiopia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea.

“More than $220,000 of Fairtrade premiums generated through Grinders sales has been invested specifically into innovative productivity and quality developments at origin,” says Molly.

In addition, Grinders contributions continue to support coffee-growing communities by creating opportunities for new schools, fresh water projects and organic systems to prolong the lives of their coffee plants.

“We at Fairtrade are proud to have a long-standing partnership with Grinders, which not only produces award-winning coffee, but continues to be our biggest branded coffee label, committed to outstanding ethical supply chains,” Molly says.

The Grinders range of Fairtrade Organic coffee products includes 200-gram ground packs of Espresso and Crema coffee (available in Coles), and 1-kilogram bags of Crema beans (Coles and Woolworths).

The range accounts for more than 40 per cent of all Grinders grocery sales, and has earned a number of national awards, including a bronze medal at the 2016 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for its Fairtrade Organic Crema beans in the Plunger Coffee Category.

For more information on The New Joneses, visit

The New Joneses’ tiny house is free and open 12pm to 6pm weekdays and 12pm to 4pm weekends from February 11 – 12.

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