Grinders Coffee Roasters launches new Single Origin Program

Grinders Coffee Single Origin

The new Single Origin Program from Grinders Coffee Roasters is designed to deliver great coffee from the most sophisticated and unique coffee producing countries around the world.

The program will see limited runs of different single origins with distinctive flavours, allowing cafés to serve coffee in different ways, such as cold brew and batch brew or for consumers to enjoy at home, via

Grinders Brand Ambassador Jono Goldthorpe says the program combines trends, creativity, and quality so Grinders cafés can experience great coffee.

“Our Single Origin program shares our cafés’ desires to stay one step ahead, to embrace the trends that define and create something original for coffee lovers,” says Jono.

From a single storefront in downtown Melbourne, Grinders have grown into a trusted quality roaster with cafés and restaurants across Australia. Grinders has continued to embody the same ethos since the start; a pioneering spirit, connection with its community, and a passion for great quality coffee.

“The Grinders Coffee philosophy can be summed up in a simple proposition: to produce that perfect cup of coffee, – from crop to café to cup,” says Grinders Marketing Manager Burcu De La Cruz.

“With the help of our master roasters and green bean buyers, our coffees are carefully and sustainably sourced and roasted to perfection to create that delicious confluence of flavour and aroma that makes Grinders coffee so unique. It’s a process we’ve mastered over generations and continue to tweak and perfect to taste. Every. Single. Day.”

Grinders single origins are roasted to perfection, small batch roasted to ensure freshness and consistency. The drinking experience is elevated by the skill and technique involved in artisanally roasting each single origin coffee to bring out its true characteristics.

The Single Origins that hit the market in October include Tanzanian and Ethiopian coffees. Each quarter, Grinders will introduce new single origins to the market.

“First off, we have a delicious fully washed Tanzanian espresso roasted coffee that features lovely citrus, black tea, dark chocolate, and black currant notes. Grown on Kongoni Estate in the northern slopes of the Ngorongoro crater, where animals from the Ngorongoro Conservation wander the lush green foliage near the rivers in the valley,” Jono details. “The hand-picked red cherries are pulped then fermented for 72 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds and carefully turned for 18 to 20 days. They are then hulled and graded at a local dry mill.

“We also couldn’t go past a famously popular Yirgacheffe for the launch. So, we have chosen a delicious grade 1, washed Ethiopian filter roast that features tropical fruits, stone fruits, citrus, and floral notes.”

A smallholder grown coffee from the Worka region, the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is pulped with an agard disc pulper then wet fermented for 72 hours before being washed and dried.

“We will continue to bring out unique single origin from around the world and ensure Australian coffee lovers get the best coffee experience with Grinders,” says Burcu De La Cruz.

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