Grinders Compostable Capsules launch in Woolworths

Grinders Compostable Capsules Woolworths

Grinders Coffee says it likes to make coffee uncomplicated. The iconic coffee roaster is committed to delivering the highest quality coffee with passion and expertise, constantly meet Australians expectations progressing with its palette, ethics, and identity, so they can simply sit back and enjoy the moment.

For this reason, Grinders Coffee is proud to announce that its Grinders Compostable Capsules are now available in Woolworths supermarkets nationwide.

Grinders Coffee compostable capsules, which are roasted and packed in Melbourne, will take only one year to break down in landfill compared to plastic capsules which takes 500 years and aluminum capsules, 200 years, to break down.

“So head on down to your local Woolworths coffee aisle or jump online to grab your compostable capsules today,” says Grinders Coffee.

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