h.alt barista crafted hemp milk


Are you alt enough?

It’s not a question meant to push you away, rather challenge your perception.

With so many options in what we consume today, and more people turning to the alt, our challenge is this: Have you looked hard enough? To be alt is to make the conscious decision to seek change, and in our search, we discovered the perfect dairy alternative – hemp.

Born in Manly, NSW, h.alt is Australia’s first barista crafted hemp milk. For coffee lovers, by coffee lovers. Its rich creamy taste and silky texture make coffee the hero and is great for so much more.

Where other alt milks can overpower, h.alt complements, and is packed full to the brim with health benefits while remaining vegan and gluten-free.

Low in sugar, and a good source of calcium, h.alt is great for the planet, great for you and great for your coffee.

Make the alt choice with h.alt.

For more information, visit haltmilk.com

This article appears in the April 2022 edition of BeanScene. Subscribe HERE.

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