Happy Happy Foods launches its new Climate Clock

Happy Happy Foods

Happy Happy Foods unveils its new Climate Clock to educate consumers about the active steps they can take to make a positive climate contribution.

Happy Happy Foods has committed to a single mission: to make plant- based products more mainstream, tastier, and better for the environment than the generation of products before them.

The company’s commitment to the environment is not just lip-service. Founder Lloyd Smith emphasises that reducing the industry’s carbon footprint is critical, and encourages consumers to join him in being carbon-conscious when making decisions about what they eat and drink. His aim is to make switching to plant-based foods and beverages as easy as possible.

“It’s all about changing and realigning consumer habits, educating people, and making the transition to plant-based milks as tasty and as easy as possible,” Lloyd says.

To emphasise the urgency of collective action on climate change, Happy Happy Foods has debuted the Climate Clock, a virtual timer on its website to show the positive steps people can take to enact change across all sectors of its business and help reduce emissions.

“This is the first generation to truly see the impact that our consumption, as a whole, is having on the environment and the world we live in. Moving away from consuming animal products contributes significantly to reducing your climate footprint,” says Lloyd.

The purpose of the Climate Clock, while confronting, is to remind consumers to start acting now if global temperatures are to be limited from rising above the 1.5oC target, and to avoid the negative effects of climate change.

Lloyd explains that the Climate Clock is an important reminder that everyone shares the same planet and has the same time to act.

The Climate Clock is the latest ‘Climate Happy’ initiative from Happy Happy Foods. In 2020 the company put its principles into practice and became wholly carbon neutral – leading the field in transparency and corporate responsibility.

“Our people and our products are 100 per cent carbon offset so our products are delivered to the café 100 per cent carbon neutral. We measure our total carbon footprint on an annual basis and purchase carbon credits to offset all our generated emissions,” says Lloyd.

In 2021, Happy Happy Foods released a limited edition ‘Climate Stripes’ carton highlighting the rate of global temperature increase.

Through its Climate Happy initiatives, and its commitment to carbon neutrality, Happy Happy Foods is setting an example for others to follow. As the company says in its mission statement: “We should never underestimate, on an individual level, how we can contribute to making change.”

As the Climate Clock highlights, the time to act is now, and by collectively embracing sustainable alternatives a brighter and more sustainable future can be secured for generations to come.

For more information, visit www.eatdrinkhappyhappy.com

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