Hario releases W60 Dripper and V60 Drip Assist


Pre-sales are now open for Hario’s new W60 Dripper and V60 Drip Assist, designed by Hario in collaboration with Pete Licata, 2013 World Barista Champion and Nomad Coffee R&D Consultant.

“This is a great new product which adds to the Hario range and I think you’ll get some really great results,” says Pete.

The W60 Dripper brews coffee through a resin mesh flat base brewing chamber that can be used by itself or in combination with the V60 paper filter. Coffee can also be brewed through the V60 paper filter alone.

The W60 is slightly larger than the V60 Dripper, designed with its internal ribbing spaced further apart. Both designs mimic a teacup, intended to fit the V60 paper filter perfectly.

The V60 Drip Assist works in combination when placed on any 02 V60 dripper and pour.

“With the W60 mesh brewer, you get the benefit of the oils in the coffee without the sediment, so it makes a very tasty brew,” says Pete.

“I find having a flat bottom reusable brewing chamber makes a very clean coffee, compared against a French press, because it only has a little bit of sediment which comes through the filter.”

According to Pete, using a flat bottom reusable brewing chamber is also more sustainable.

“You end up without the paper waste from using disposal papers when you use the reusable brewing chamber,” says Pete.

“It becomes a great sustainable choice because you can simply dump those grinds out, give it a rinse and its ready to go again.”

Pete recommends a recipe of 24 grams of dry dose in combination with 396 grams of water in a 1:16.5 brew ratio when brewing coffee with just the flat base brewing chamber in the W60 dripper.

“The water temperature should be 95 degrees Celsius with a grind size very similar or slightly finer than the grinds used in a V60 with a paper filter.”

The dose is then placed evenly in the brewing chamber to ensure an even extraction of the coffee when the water is poured over.

“50 grams of water is added till it is roughly two parts water and one part coffee,” says Pete. “We then let it bloom for the standard 30 seconds and make sure all the grinds are fully saturated.”

From here, the user can either continue to brew the coffee through a continuous or pulse method.

For the continuous method, the water is poured in concentric circles moving outwards, stopping approximately one centimetre from the exterior. This is aimed at continuously moving the water flow around.

“You don’t want to rinse the exterior of the filter when pouring, however, because with a reusable filter like this it creates a massive water bypass,” says Pete. “You want to keep a nice amount of coffee fines on the exterior.”

Pete recommends brewing coffee using only the reusable flat bottom filter for approximately three to three and half minutes.

The second method, Pulse brewing, sees 100 grams of water being poured in 15 second intervals, finished off with 50 grams of water in the last round.

“The same rules apply where you don’t want to wash the exterior of the filter,” says Pete. “You want a nice even saturation of the coffee grinds.”

When pouring a coffee in this method with Hario’s W60, Pete finds it yields a full-bodied type of coffee.

“You get a lot of those solids and oils from the coffee, and you get a little bit of small particle sediment, if you know what you’re looking for,” says Pete. “However, the coffee contains less sediment and is less ‘chunky’ then, for example, a French press.”

Order for the Hario W60 Dripper and V60 Drip Assist are expected to be dispatched late June.

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