Hiroia scales up

Hiroia scale

The latest brewing scale from Hiroia is helping baristas track their brewing technique with greater visibility and more consistency.  

Much like baking, brewing requires detailed measurements to achieve accurate results, including precise water temperature and volume, and the particular coarseness of the ground coffee. To help measure such variables, scales are a barista’s best friend. 

One brand that is passionate about empowering baristas with the tools to achieve the perfect cup is Hiroia. The Taiwanese specialty coffee equipment manufacturer has launched its latest innovation, Jimmy, a scale for baristas to brew, track, and accomplish consistent results. 

“Jimmy is an innovative, elegantly designed specialty coffee scale that takes espresso brew methods and education seriously,” says Charles Stephens of Espresso Company Australia (ECA), importer and distributor of the Hiroia Jimmy scale.

The Jimmy scale features a detachable Bluetooth display with a magnetic attachment, allowing baristas to monitor the scale remotely. 

“The detachable screen enables the scale to sit on a drip tray and the display can be magnetically attached to your espresso machine for better visibility. It’s not fixed to the scale,” Charles says.  

Hiroia scale
The Jimmy scale helps baristas practice pour speeds and consistency.

“Having greater visibility over an extraction helps baristas repeat the same recipe to ensure quality and consistency.” 

The dual Bluetooth scale connects to the Jimmy app. Available on iOS or Android devices, the app enables baristas to measure flow rate in real time in pursuit of a perfect pour over. 

“The Jimmy app gives the barista control over various functions including normal scale mode, espresso mode, pour over mode, and training mode. Within each mode there are further functions that aids baristas to choose which workflow best suits them,” Charles says. 

“The app will log historical data for all pour overs and espresso shots so baristas can save and review their days extractions and brews. The Hiroia Jimmy app has pushed into the areas that no other specialty coffee scale has been before.” 

 Within the app, baristas can create customisable training sessions for their staff where they can practice pouring speeds and consistency to replicate the same pour overs. 

“The more scales become a part of espresso and brew bar set-ups, the more positive impact they will have on quality, consistency, and training,” Charles says. 

He adds that brewing scales have become popular additions to specialty coffee competitions, helping competitors achieve accurate extraction volumes. 

“Many baristas have been using the Jimmy scale around the world in barista and brewing competitions. Jimmy is quickly becoming the scale of choice for baristas that need the most from their scales,” Charles says. 

Fully charged, the Jimmy scale will operate up to 10 hours with 1000 hours on standby. It is also water resistant. 

The Jimmy scale also features a 32-bit processor, with plenty of space to create and update new modes as they become available. 

“This new technology will only continue to develop to ensure the Hiroia Jimmy scales are the most innovative scales available,” Charles says. 

“One of the great parts of the Jimmy scale is the new technology where there will be new espresso and filter coffee modes with more training functions in the near future.” 

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