Ride the home brewing wave with Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies

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Home brewing is seeing exponential growth with the majority of coffee lovers now confined to their homes in an attempt to help ‘flatten the curve’.

“For those in the coffee business, there’s no better time to complement online and take-away coffee sales with home brewing apparatus. This is a great time for coffee lovers to take their passion to the next level and experiment with alternative brew methods, and we’re here to help them do that,” says Bernard Peters of Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies.

Bombora Coffee + Water Supplies offers a range of products at wholesale prices to resellers. With more than 17 years’ experience, the team at Bombora can help customers select the best tools for their business needs, from the most popular to the most practical.

Choose from a wide range of cold brew apparatus from brands such as Hario and Toddy, the innovative Deltapress, the new combination Varia brewer, dozens of combinations of pour over filter kits and servers, brewing kettles, Hario and Comandante hand grinders, and even home nitro kits.

There is no restriction on minimum quantity. Select a handful of items in small quantities to see what works for you and your business.

Online registration only takes a couple of minutes. Wholesale prices and ‘flat rate’ shipping is available Australia-wide.

For more information, visit www.clean-machine.com.au

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