Homesick has already created a name for itself in seaside Henley Beach after opening in November 2023, attracting customers looking for silky-smooth coffee, tasty toasties and a home away from home.

“The opening two days were crazy with support from family, friends and a lot of the locals. We went through about 10 kilograms of coffee and made about 80 sandwiches,” says Co-owner Yaz Sudic.

Co-owned by Yaz and his wife, Jas, the café’s name was inspired by the couple’s frequent visits to local coffee shops. Once Yaz started working seven days a week, they began to experience withdrawals from not visiting the places they considered a second home. The couple decided to extend their passion for comfortable cafés to locals in Henley Beach by creating Homesick.

The café’s homely presence is reflected in its design with bright, pastel colours lighting up the space. Yaz says they make the most of the 40-square metre space by using pop-up tables in the alfresco dining area to accommodate more customers.

“It’s very warm and welcoming,” he says.

To cure any caffeine cravings, Homesick serves Veneziano Coffee Roasters’, rich and fruity Soar blend on a customised all-white La Marzocco Linea PB two-group espresso machine, to match the café’s vibrant colour palette.

“I wanted to give people a coffee that I like. It’s been a real big hit,” he says.

Having worked with Veneziano Coffee Roasters throughout his 12 years in the hospitality industry, Yaz says his relationship with the company is strong.

“They come out every day just to make sure things are well. They’ve just been awesome to deal with,” he says.

To pair with the coffee, the café serves rolls, sandwiches and a crowd-favourite toasted ham and cheese croissant with Dijon mustard and pickles.

“It’s like a cheeseburger but in a croissant. It’s surprisingly tasty,” says Yaz.

Yaz plans to expand the business with Homesick 2.0, which he says will be more like a restaurant.

“[We’ll] hopefully get a liquor licence as well. That’s definitely something I look at doing in the next year and a half,” he says.

For Yaz, making and serving consistent quality coffee is the focus of his new café.

“[I] love when people walk through the doors and have a good time, relax and get treated to a nice coffee and nice food,” he says.


337 Military Road, Henley Beach, South Australia, 5022

Open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 2:30pm

0478 752 801

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