Host Milan prepares 40th edition in 2017

Host Milano’s 40th edition in 2017 has been announced as the “place to be” to celebrate coffee at FieraMilano Rho in Italy from 20 to 24 October.

For five days, the biannual event celebrates three core segments of the Ho.Re.Ca industry – Food Service Equipment with Bread, Pizza and Pasta; Coffee/Tea with Coffee and Vending Machines, Bars and Gelato/Pastry; Furnishings and Tableware.

Already, about 1158 companies have reserved their involvement in the show, confirming that this is an international show. Forty-two per cent of exhibitors are coming from 44 different countries.

One of the flagship areas of the expo includes coffee and tea, coffee and vending machines, bars and gelato/pastry, with the bars section already seeing 70 per cent of its space occupied.

Event organisers say there are an increasing number of companies from abroad that will celebrate alternative brew methods, now being offered in Italy as an alternative to the classic espresso. Representatives will include Hario, Monin, Probat-Werke Von Gimborn Rhea Vendors Group, La Spaziale, La Marzocco, and Franke Kaffeemaschinen, among many others.

Small and talented independent producers will also participate with the presence of 1500 select buyers to ensure that supply and demand are truly brought together.

The overlap with other industries will ensure exhibitors have business opportunities thanks to the dominant trend of the moment, which is organisers say is “cross-pollination” among industries, with coffee corners more frequently offered inside supermarkets and clothing shops, and with coffee being almost a must-have as part of expanded offerings in gelaterias, pastry shops and bakeries.

Competitive Data research institute analysis says that in 2015, sales of roasted coffee in the Ho.Re.Ca channel in Italy were stable in terms of volume but grew by 1.3 per cent in value, reaching €844 million. Single-portion products are really seeing a boom, with an increase of 23.5 per cent spurred on by the hybridisation trend among industries.

According to TradeLab, coffee consumed outside the home in Italy is worth 1.2 billion euros, with a breakdown of about 630 million consumed in bars, 270 million consumed at self-service stations, 130 million in food service and group catering, 126 million in restaurants, 25 million in hotels and the remaining 10 million in other channels.

Coffee-based products, such ginseng coffee, mixes and cold coffee creams are also making progress – these three products are seeing the most success in coffee bars. Organic coffee is also popular. Today, it can be found in 15 per cent of bars, and cappuccino based with soy, rice, or oat milk offered by 32 per cent of bar owners.

Host says coffee is being distributed throughout the world, entering markets that traditionally didn’t drink it. Japan, for example, imports more than 430,000 tonnes of coffee per year, and is third to only the United States and Germany.

Major industry associations will also take part at Host Milano including World Coffee Events, and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

Host Milano has always been not just a show but a hub for trends and innovation, and thus it is to once again present the latest solutions.

During the 2015 edition of Host Milano, the threshold of 150,000 visitors was surpassed for the very first time. These visitors included 90,585 Italians and 60,383 foreigners, from 172 countries.

With eight months to go, event organisers are hopeful to break this record.

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