How to avoid café waste

Chloe Tathem explains how to minimise wastage when learning latte art techniques, and be considerate of the environment and your hip pocket. Read More
taco pancakes

How to make vanilla protein taco pancakes

A recipe from Nourishful Sabrina and Califia Farms  Sabrina Lu is a Melbourne-based recipe creator focused on healthy and nourishing feeds. Follow her Instagram here: @nourishfulsabrina “Fluffy, filling and so delicious. The perfect healthy breakfast treat. I’ve been loving incorporating Califia Farms Vanilla Oat milk into my sweet recipes. It has a creamy texture and naturally sweet taste with a dash of tasty vanilla. It’s also dairy, fortified with calcium and Vitamin D,” says Sabrina Lu. Read More
vegan french toast

How to make vegan french toast

A recipe from Thriving On Plants and Califia Farms Cherie Tu is a Sydney-based foodie and plant-based recipe creator. Follow her Instagram here: @thrivingonplants “This recipe is an absolute winner, not only is it easy to make, but it’s incredibly delicious and the perfect breakfast for any morning. I also used Califia’s new Vanilla Oat Milk for a naturally sweet, dairy-free and creamy base which worked perfectly in this recipe,” says Cherie Tu. Read More

Taurus latte art by Victor Vu

Victor Vu charges ahead with this beast of a pattern, designed to push your skills to the limit and give you strength to tackle whatever challenge comes next.    
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