Parrot latte art by Victor Vu

Reigning Australian Latte Art Champion Victor Vu shares a refined take on his classic parrot design with a little more detail, and a lot more character. Read More

Creating espresso recipes

Mocopan Coffee’s Babin Gurung shares how to set your own espresso recipe and the critical variables to manage for consistent results and maximum flavour, every time.  
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Smoothie bowl

Lala’s Plate provides pavlova smoothie bowls recipe

A recipe from Lala’s Plate and Califia Farms Lara De Bruyne is a recipe creator, food stylist, photographer and writer for She has a huge passion for being creative in the kitchen and making delicious, tasty food, health, fitness and living a balanced lifestyle. “These are a festive treat inspired by one of my absolute fave desserts – perfect for the summer holiday Season,” says Lala’s Plate’s Lara De Bruyne. Read More