Kickstarting your coffee business with equipment finance

Sitting at your favourite café, sun streaming in from the windows, watching people talk and laugh and sip coffee – it makes some of us (the crazy ones!) want to open a café of their own. Like all businesses, you need capital to get it off the ground. In the coffee game, the second most important expenditure after your space is your equipment.
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Ice, Ice Baby

An iced coffee is the perfect drink for summer. This article provides tips as to how you can get the best flavours out of an iced coffee and includes some innovative recipes from De’Longhi.
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Mary Poppins latte art by Jibbi Little

Jibbi Little shares a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious take on one of her favourite literary characters. It’s been a long and sometimes crazy year, full of twists and turns many of us didn’t expect. Read More