Each year, more than 500 billion takeaway cups end up in landfill. Huskee seeks to answer this problem through the HuskeeCup range and HuskeeSwap solution. HuskeeCup features coffee husk waste as a raw material and functions as both a dine-in and reusable cup solution.

Every HuskeeCup can be used in the HuskeeSwap exchange system. All consumers need to do is purchase a HuskeeCup and lid at a HuskeeSwap café, drop it off at the counter when they order their next coffee, and get their drink in a different, clean HuskeeCup.

HuskeeSwap provides coffee drinkers with the best on-the-go coffee experience, while enabling cafés to reduce single-use cups without causing bottlenecks in their bar workflow. Participating HuskeeSwap cafés can be found at

To register as a café or for more information, visit and click “I’m a business”, or email

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