Iberital Vision

Iberital Vision

Iberital, a Barcelona-based espresso machine manufacturer, launches Iberital Vision in the Australian market, an ambitious product of the company’s pursuit to define the next generation of coffee machines: efficient, eco-friendly, and connected equipment.

Behind its state-of-the-art, synthetic, rational, and Brutalist-influenced design, Vision hides outstanding technical features. Among the most remarkable, the Vision’s multi-boiler system has separate boilers for steam, each group head, and an additional independent water system. The machine comes with a provided tablet that includes a modern and intuitive app, which enables the barista to accurately control temperature, amount of water used in every delivery, and to manage all technical settings. 

This innovative espresso machine winner of five international design awards, is available in three different finishes, and in one-, two-, and three-group heads.

For more information, visit www.iberital.com/en

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