Iced Tea Mixers

On hot summer days, Those Girls Beverage Co has the perfect solution to keep customers refreshed and happy – its range of Iced Tea Mixers.

This range of mixers are a great addition to any menu. Made with real ingredients, the Iced Tea Mixers taste delicious and come in a variety of exotic flavours such as Strawberry and Rosemary, Peach and Basil, and Mango Lemon Verbena.

Recipe ideas include share jugs, dispensers, iced tea slushies and iced tea cocktails.

Those Girls Beverage Co is a Melbourne based boutique beverage company founded by two local Melbournians. The brand has a strong focus on bringing premium, great tasting and locally made products to the market.

The company caters to all customers with refined sugar free and caffeine free options available.

For enquiries contact the Those Girls Team on and for more information, visit

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