IMF 60-kilogram Roaster

IMF 60-kilogram Roaster

IMF and its Australian agent Will Notaras from Roastquip will exhibit an IMF 60-kilogram roaster at the 2020 Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

The IMF 60-kilogram roaster uses a built-in afterburner and recirculating heat technology, which save up to 47 per cent in gas consumption compared with roasters fitted with a separate afterburner. It also lowers greenhouse gas emissions, making the IMF more environmentally friendly.

The 60-kilogram roaster also includes an integrated destoner, loader, continuous chaff extractor, and automatic programmable logic controller program with manual override. The IMF has a precision temperature stability of one-degree accuracy, making it one of the most consistent roasters on the market.

Roastquip says IMF is one of the biggest selling roasters in Australia, with more than 50 plants operating around the country.

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