Industry Beans continues to inspire with immersive coffee experience

industry beans

Coffee-making was once a mysterious artform, with baristas hidden behind the bulk of their machines, and roasteries situated in the dark backrooms of a building. Industry Beans is part of the specialty coffee movement which has changed this in Australia. And their new facility in Fitzroy, Melbourne attests to this fact – bringing light to roasting and coffee-processes – and creating an immersive coffee experience for customers.

According to Alex Lees, Wholesale Operations Manager for Industry Beans, the new address in Fitzory is all about accessibility. Located a few hundred metres from their original establishment, the latest roastery café encapsulates the Industry Beans ethos and approach.

“We want to create a welcoming environment, where the roastery is in full view, and the Modbar coffee machine creates an open space between customers and baristas, inviting them to talk to the baristas,” he explains. “All of us here are very hands-on and want to share our love and passion for coffee. In fact, we encourage customers to ask questions.”

Likewise, the new venue supports the Industry Beans commitment to consumer coffee education, with a sizeable retail display and demonstration area. This is complemented by Industry Beans’s membership program called The Espresso Club, whereby customers receive a De’Longhi La Specialista Prestigio machine with their coffee subscription package and pay this off incrementally over a 12 month period.

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