Industry Beans open new venue in Double Bay

Industry Beans

Industry Beans has announced the launch of an all new micro-roastery and takeaway coffee bar in Double Bay, New South Wales, in Woolworths Metro Double Bay on Kiaora Lane.

Open from 9 March, Industry Beans Double Bay offers a unique coffee experience for take away and home brewing, where shoppers can pick up a takeaway coffee or grab their favourite coffee beans and cold brew products to add to their shopping at the checkout.

“We want customers to see Industry Beans coffee as a locally-made product, showing how the beans are roasted and packaged in front of them,” says CEO Trevor Simmons.

The brand’s seventh venue, Industry Beans Double Bay is the result of efforts to maintain Industry Beans’ signature quality in the new store format.

“Our approach to getting our coffee to a wider audience is to take the full experience to that audience, which is impossible to do by just putting a bag on a shelf,” says Trevor.

“We worked with Woolworths to create a true specialty coffee offer in a grocery location. Rather than roasting coffee in Melbourne and shipping through distribution to stores, we’ll be roasting fresh, on site, for the local market. Just as we do in Fitzroy, Chadstone, and Newstead.”

The team are awaiting a new, state-of-the-art Loring Roaster arriving from the United States, for on-site roasting to commence.

The company says a dedicated team of baristas will be on hand to help new customers find the right beans for their at-home brews.

The new venue also marks the start of an exciting partnership with Woolworths.

“We’re thrilled to be ranging our Cold Brew Cans, and brand-new Fitzroy Iced Coffee in Woolworth Metros around the country in the coming months,” says Trevor.

“We had just figured out how to bottle our Fitzroy Iced Coffee so that it tastes like a genuine version of our best-selling café iced coffee.”

The Fitzroy Iced Coffee is a brand new, ready to drink version of one of Industry Beans’ signature café drinks, made with cold brew, native Wattleseed, organic panela and milk.  It comes in two dairy options – Original and Unsweetened – and in the coming months, will be released with Oat Milk.

For more information, visit the Industry Beans website.

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