Industry Beans opens store in Brisbane CBD

Industry Beans Brisbane

Industry Beans Adelaide St in the Brisbane CBD opened on 5 November, with a signature coffee offer and curated range of pastries, treats, and retail products.

Bringing together its familiar La Marzocco Modbar coffee set up, Industry Beans Adelaide St builds upon what customers know and love about the coffee experience at Industry Beans Newstead, its first site in Queensland, reimagined for the bustling CBD.

On opening in Brisbane CBD, co-founder Trevor Simmons says “We always wanted to find a home in the city – we have cafés in the CBD in Melbourne and Sydney, and it’s a great fit for our style of coffee service – fast, consistent, and above all, welcoming. When we found this site, we knew it was just right, and although we had to hit pause on the project over the past six months, we’re excited to get going now.”

Industry Beans Adelaide St will be open seven days a week, making it one of the few specialty coffee places open weekends in the city.

“We all need to play our part in helping our cities come back stronger than ever – for us, that starts with opening seven days a week to ensure there’s always a great coffee on hand.” says Trevor.

The coffee offer is roasted by the team at Industry Beans Newstead, starting with the Newstead Blend and Seasonal Blend for milk-based espresso coffees, and a range of rotating single origins for both espresso and filter.

Retail coffee has a big presence in the store, starting with beans and carrying through to equipment, packaged treats, ready to drink cold brew cans and specialty coffee pods.

Industry Beans is well known for its signature cold brew drinks, which will be front and centre at Adelaide St. Its Bubble Coffee brings together cold brew coffee, coffee-soaked tapioca pearls, and an option for original or vegan condensed and oat milk mixture. The Fitzroy Iced brings a smooth, velvety drinking experience with cold brew, wattleseed, organic panela, and milk of choice.

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