Industry event: Bureaux Collective on why specialty is dead

Bureaux Collective will host an industry discussion on the subject, “Specialty is dead: Calling out coffee marketing buzzwords”.

The event will take place on 23 May from 6pm to 9pm at Bureaux Collective at 29A Gwynne Street in Melbourne.

Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds and Michelle Johnson of Barista Hustle will join Bureaux Collective’s Tim Williams to about what authentic, ethically sourced, quality-driven, specialty coffee really means.

“The word ‘specialty’ has now joined ‘gourmet’ and ‘boutique’ as marketing puffery,” Tim says.

“The ‘about us’ page of any given roaster or green coffee importer describes their exacting ethical, traceable, sustainable and quality driven practises.But how do you take their word for it? How do you know if the coffee you buy for your café lives up to the pitch? Can you separate the genuine from the pretender? If not ‘specialty’, then what?”

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