Infusion on Clarence

infusion on clarence

Clarence Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD is a bustling hub of activity, full of offices, businesses, and hotels. With so much activity in the area, the massive volume of foot traffic has paved the way for one of the city’s most competitive café battlegrounds to emerge.

“It’s the hottest coffee spot in Sydney and has grown quickly. Just about every specialty roaster in the city has a presence within a 100-metre radius. I’ve counted more than 50 cafés now in close proximity. It’s great for competition and helps us to continue to elevate our offerings,” says Paul Jackson, Managing Director at Danes Specialty Coffee.

“Infusion’s coffee line up reads like an Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) playbook – Mocha Gold for milk coffees, Ascension for black, and a rollcall of must-try single origins.”

Mocha Gold won the Milk Coffee Blend category at 2018 AICA for its chocolatey notes and rich mouthfeel. Ascension is described as fusing a lemony citrus Kenyan origin with a fruity Ethiopian and took home 2019 AICA gold for an Espresso Blend.

“The coffees we serve have amazing flavour profiles. Infusion is our flagship store, so we push the limits and experiment to ensure we are creating an unforgettable experience for our customers,” Paul says.

“Our new Signature Menu showcases our evolving pool of origins. There is always a new flavour to discover on this special menu – as a filter, espresso, or piccolo.”

Danes has partnered with Inside Out, an Australian producer of dairy-alternative milk, to supply Infusion with a wide range of milk alternatives including oat, almond, and coconut milks.

“Inside Out provide a premium range of fresh alternative milks using cold pressed Australian almonds and oats, offering a clean, fresh taste, crafted to perfectly complement coffee,” Paul says.

Danes has embedded its passion for sustainability into Infusion and encourages reusable cups, but also serves takeaway orders in its signature environmentally friendly cups that were developed in in July 2019.

“We were the first to partner with Green Caffeen in the city. As for our reusable cups there are no better cups for the environment available on the market. We’re aware of what’s important to consumers and continue to lead our efforts in all areas for the environment,” Paul says.

“You can find these eco-cups at Infusion on Clarence and at all Danes’ partner cafés around Australia.”

The café focuses on high-quality, fresh ingredients to complement its specialty coffee experience and offers dine-in options, as well as takeaway.

“Customers can sit in and graze from Infusion’s menu of beans, have a bite and a bowl, or grab food and a coffee to go,” Paul says.

Infusion on Clarence
171 Clarence Street,
Sydney, New South Wales, 2000
Open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm

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