IWCA Australia announces cupping session for Colombian women producers

IWCA Australia

The International Women’s Coffee Alliance Australian Chapter (IWCA Australia) is inviting the coffee community for a cupping session that will showcase coffee produced by women in Colombia and a learning session about the work and challenges women in origin face on 1 December at Condesa Co.lab at the Sydney lab.

Early in November, IWCA Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Colombian Association of Women in Coffee (now referred to as IWCA Colombia) with the objective to create opportunities for access to the Australian market and visibility for women coffee producers in Colombia that are members of the IWCA global network.

Both associations agreed to collaborate in an engagement framework designed to achieve their common goals and objectives and support activist that include research on consuming trends, development of cupping sessions, exchange of knowledge and technology and any other actions that would be of benefit to both associations.

“Being part of this network fills us with pride, joy and commitment to continue working for the women coffee growers of the world in a shared mission, aligned with the global strategy of seeking national and international alliances that help the sustainability and empowerment of women in the coffee industry,” says Lilia Ines Cardona, President of IWCA Colombia Chapter.

The IWCA Colombia Chapter was established in April 2021. To date, their membership consists of 180 women coffee producers located in different regions but predominantly in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio, which together make up the Zona Cafetera, also known as Eje Cafetero (Coffee Axis), other regions include Nariño and Antioquia.

The leaders of the Chapter have been creating opportunities for their members, promoting equity and union in their communities and partnering with other governmental and non-governmental organisations that contribute to their mission of empowerment.

According to the IWCA Australia, the cupping session is a step forward in this engagement framework that will contribute to the creation of visibility and amplify the voices of women coffee farmers and a sharing knowledge experience for the Australian coffee community.

This session has been organised with the collaboration and support of Flor a Fruto, a Specialty Colombian Coffee exporter and the team of Condesa Co.Lab.

To book tickets, visit or follow IWCA Australia on Instagram @iwca_australia

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