Izaga grinder

markibar izaga grinder

The Markibar Izaga grinder is designed for workflow and is purpose-built for speed and consistency. 

It combines excellence in practicality and functionality.

The grinder features two operating modes: Pre-Grind and Grind On Demand. In Pre-Grind mode, the Izaga delivers an instant dose, allowing baristas to allocate time spent grinding elsewhere in their workflow, saving up to seven seconds per double dose. The Izaga’s traditional workflow setting Grind On Demand will cater to off-peak periods. 

The Izaga also features an isolated grinding chamber with an intelligent ventilation system, enabling cooler grinding and consistent dosing. It’s efficiency without compromise on quality.

Barista Group is the exclusive importer of Markibar Coffee Grinders in Australasia.

For more information, visit www.baristagroup.com.au

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