Jasper Coffee plans expansion to Asia

Jasper Coffee Asia

Australian Fairtrade and specialty coffee roaster, Jasper Coffee, has set the goal of exporting its products to new and emerging markets in Asia by 2021.

Jasper Coffee was established in 1989, and founder Wells Trenfield attributes its success over the last three decades to a dynamic business model that taps into a multitude of segments within the market, including wholesale, ecommerce, and direct-to-consumer.

“Diversification has definitely been the key to the success of Jasper Coffee,” says Wells.

“What we’ve learnt in 30 years is how important it is to always actively seek out alternative ways to strengthen the foundations of your business. While COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on our business, with severe loss of revenue within our retail sector, we are working to create stability against the backdrop of instability.”

He adds that a focus on sustainability and business ethics has supported the company over the years. Jasper Coffee operates with certifications in Fairtrade, Organic, and carbon neutrality, becoming a certified B Corp in April 2016.

Continually working towards the betterment of its partnerships, Jasper Coffee has a history of supporting their coffee growers through initiatives like Fairtrade and directly assisting the women of the Cafe Femenino Project in Peru through funding projects of their choosing.

Moving forward, Wells feels Jasper Coffee’s approach towards sustainability and business ethics will help it successfully tap into these new markets in Asia.

“In a world where large and small businesses are scrambling to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and deliver a more sustainable business operation, Jasper Coffee has been compliant and accredited in these arenas for years.

“We are perched ready to deliver an authentic solution for the coffee industry that meets this demand. We are in the box seat to be able to be the first to deliver.”

For more information visit www.jaspercoffee.com

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