Java Coast Café

Tucked away in the heart of the Brisbane court precinct, down a narrow little alley way, is Java Coast Café, a haven for anyone searching for an escape.

Nearby the courtrooms of the supreme and district courts and the offices at the state Law building, Java Coast Café caters for the hectic worker and for the customer wanting a tranquil experience.

Upon entering the café through dungeon like doors, visitors are met with two options. They can choose an intimate setting between the early 20th century walls, featuring impressive local art works – perfect for a quiet break to read the newspaper over a morning brew, or be lead down an enchanting private lane to the popular courtyard oasis, far from the intensity and hustle on inner city Brisbane.

Owner and Manager Rosemarie scott says this touch of tranquility is one of Brisbane’s most distinctive café experiences, “The other cafés in the area don’t have what we have – a hidden garden out the back of the café to escape,” she says. “Customers love it, a lot of people don’t know about this feature at the back of the café and when they do, they rave about it.

With two decades of combined experience between them, Rosemarie and head barista Owen Marshall will welcome you into a coffee experience that leaves you wanting more. “Coffee has always been my passion, I’ve had that passion for 15 years now,” Rosemarie says. “I’ve always wanted my own place and it’s happened, it’s a great little café and it’s quite unique for Brisbane.”

Friendly service matches the high quality of food and beverages, including a full breakfast menu of bacon and eggs and baked beans and lunch that offers gourmet sandwiches, rolls, salads and burgers.

Java Coast Café uses a Wega coffee machine and Map Espresso Verona Arabic blend that Rosemarie describes as “a strong- bodied coffee”.

A highlight is Owen’s tattoo art on display, featuring group handles, tamper and coffee cups.

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